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We see our role as assisting you in finding and implementing solutions to business problems. We don’t want to contribute to the problem, nor are we the solution. Our role is to help. We do that by working with you to understand your situation, and then providing possible solutions based upon our management and consulting experience. Then we guide you by your vision of where you want your organization to go.


Added to this, you get a critically important ingredient: objectivity. You may be too close to the situation. In addition, we can work with you in ways that may be especially suited to your need.


We Can Do it All

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Lumpkin & Associates is a management consulting firm. Our mission is “to help our clients in developing their purpose and in choosing action to keep them on purpose.” We do that by working with managers to help develop the commitment and competence at all levels which will be required to cope with the fast pace of an ever-changing environment.

Managerial Assessment

We can also provide assistance and guidance in the development of your own 360° performance evaluation for management. Such systems when used appropriately provide excellent feedback to the manager about their performance by the team that surrounds them.

Need Analysis / Curriculum Development

If you do not currently have the program of continual employee development, or if you wonder about your existing program’s effectiveness, we can work with you to examine the needs.

We can also work with you to develop programs appropriate to those needs that will complement and assist your overall culture develop efforts.

Seminars / Speaking Engagements

You may wish to address a particular issue or program in a seminar format. You might want to emphasize a particular area of your program of change with appropriate remarks at a company event or conference. We can develop this format and work with you to accomplish your specific goal.

Team Building

We have extensive experience at helping organizations to build unsupervised work teams and empower the work teams they already have. There is much talk in business circles today about teams and team building, but there is little experience available on being able to assess the work team, or to make one which already exists into an unsupervised work team, if possible. We have built work teams to self manage in a variety of areas to include: Handling their own compensation issues and running their own salary surveys, and developing peer review systems in which the team members evaluated their performance themselves.




We can serve as facilitator for meetings, retreats, and planning sessions. As outsiders we can challenge assumptions and suggest alternatives more easily than someone on the inside. Our involvement in this area can also help neutralize feelings within a work group.

Executive Assessment & Coaching

Our Executive Coaching program is aimed at helping our clients self-discover one or more manageable first steps they can take toward improving their situation. We use inquiry to help our clients discover actions that can be taken to create forward momentum.


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