You may wish to address a particular issue or program in a seminar format. You might want to emphasize a particular area of your program of change with appropriate remarks at a company event or conference. We can develop this format and work with you to accomplish your specific goal.

A Few of Our Programs

The Power of Choice©

Many of us are still so busy doing things the way we have always done them that we haven’t noticed they do not work for us anymore. We want the world to quit changing, so we won’t have to change. Often it never occurs that we can, or might benefit from change.

The Power of Choice© is a program which teaches a way of thinking that allows us to recognize our choices. It teaches us that these choices are ours, and we have the responsibility for the outcomes those choices bring.

Earning the Right To Lead©


The challenge of managing today’s worker requires action. Traditional management theories applied in today’s work environment often result in a very high frustration level for both worker and manager.

Earning the Right to Lead© is a course designed to empower the participants with ways to use The Power of Choice© in management situations. The skills developed allow managers to have better communications with their employees and cultivate a more positive work climate for cooperation and production.

The Psychology of Agreement©

Most negotiations are over before they begin. Many of the tensions existing in the work place today can be eliminated by overcoming our tendency to use positional bargaining when faced with conflict. The Psychology of Agreement© is a program developed to teach sound negotiation practices that avoid positional conflict and direct both parties toward mutually satisfying agreements.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment has been a problem for decades, a legal liability since the 1970’s, and today is a potential crisis and an exploding business expense. Our program covers employer and employee responsibility, how to handle certain circumstances and situations which may in fact be viewed as sexual harassment, and what consequences might be if actions are not taken to prevent it. Our program focuses on the development of what we call “Professional Behavior”. Professional behavior establishes and insures the kind of climate in which sexual harassment incidents and claims can be reduced and eliminated.

    Managing Meetings

    There are approximately eleven million business meetings held each business day in the United States, of which probably 80% should never happen in the first place. With the current down sizing of America’s work force it is more important than ever for managers and teams to have effective meeting management skills. Our meeting management program gives you and everyone who chairs meetings organization and in-depth demonstration of the disciplines, techniques and attitudes required to make meetings shorter and more productive.

    Collective Behavior: How to anticipate and avoid organization and how to live with it if it happens.

    An intense four days of experiential learning consisting of two case studies dealing with work force alienation, augmented by participative lectures and a learning game. The course is a surreal lesson in organizational behavior and a focused lesson on building real environments where leaders learn to build an open culture where people cooperate rather than compete. This program creates an awareness of unionization, the lack of real management which causes it to occur.

    Consulting Skills Workshop

    This program teaches the basics of Consulting Skills including: Relationship Building, Problem Identification, Discovery Process, Recommendation and Implementation. Many organizations are going into consulting as a new way of marketing their services. This program teaches the principles of Consulting and includes in depth practice and skills assessment.

    Tribal Behavior in Organizations

    Organizations, Departments, Divisions, Companies are like tribes. They each have a language and a culture that is unique to themselves. There are “rites of passage”, “initiation processes”, “ceremonies” , “codes of conduct” and “ways to deal with other tribes and tribal members”. Among the tribal members are Chiefs, Warriors, Healers, Keepers of the Flame, Lodge Keepers, Scouts, and others, each who perform certain functions at various times in the development. Tribes war with each other ( ie: Sales vs Manufacturing), they make peace and even merge when tribal marriages occur. This program looks at the not so “primitive” relationship between tribal behavior and our “modern” civilized groups in corporate America. It provides some valuable insight into collective behavior and ways of dealing with and understanding change.

    Other Programs

    Developing and/or tailoring programs, including the ones mentioned above to address your particular situation is another way Lumpkin & Associates can assist you in meeting the challenge of developing the culture required to move toward reaching your goals.

    We have also developed special programs including:

    • Interpersonal Skills
    • Time Management
    • The Psychology of Buying©
    • Managing Conflict
    • How to Be A Consultant
    • Managing Multiple Projects
    • Effective Presentation Skills
    • Selling Skills
    • Strategic Planning
    • Performance Appraisal
    • Building A Team Oriented Culture
    • … and Many More!

    Are Your Employees Reaching Their Potential?

    There is a need to harness every employees potential and focus it on common goals.

    We have worked with some of the world’s largest and some of the world’s smallest companies in helping to accomplish this feat.