Established in 1984 by G. Dan Lumpkin, CMC, our company has now grown to have associates nation wide. With more than twenty years experience and an education in Psychology, Sociology, and counseling, Dan began by providing specific expertise to clients. Our company is founded on the philosophy that a business needs a good resource team of professionals for assistance. Each resource must "earn the right" to serve clients by understanding the clients needs before suggesting solutions.


An International Public Speaker addressing thousands each year, Dan located other associates that all have actual hands on managing experience as well as being competent educational entrepreneurs that are able to provide high quality consulting services. Consulting at Lumpkin & Associates is based on expert understanding in many areas, such as:
  • How teams are formed
  • How to evaluate management effectiveness
  • How to clarify corporate vision and values
  • How to earn the right to lead
  • Principled professional selling
  • How to build and manage "corporate culture"

Businesses and organizations world wide have experienced a great deal of growth in training needs over the past few years, and there are many indications that the need for training will increase through the decade. This growth springs from both a genuine need for continued education for employees, and from a desire for a tangible, "quick fix" solution to many internal problems.

As a result of this growing need, the supply of "canned" training programs has also grown immensely. Many of these programs are worthwhile and well-designed, yet they still fail to accomplish the desired objective of improved performance. So, other programs on similar subjects are tried, still with no increase in performance. Managers are often overwhelmed with the number of programs promising those "quick fix" solutions. However, there are no "quick fix" solutions and managers ultimately find that they are constantly spending money trying to solve the same problem over and over again.

This is certainly not to say that the training programs are a waste of money. We do, however, caution our clients against simply throwing money at the problem. At Lumpkin & Associates, we work with our clients to develop the potential within their organizations and often building a culture within a particular work environment does require training.

In fact, training for development is a management imperative for the 1990's. We all must learn better skills and new ideas. The manager seeking performance increases without applying appropriate management practices in addition to the training can find this to be a frustrating and costly routine.

At Lumpkin & Associates, we have developed a number of programs to assist managers in culture building. These are not "quick fix" solutions, but rather tools designed to facilitate change. Much like carpentry tools, they can be used to build or repair. The tools offer a means of obtaining the solutions you want, but without a carefully considered plan, the tools are merely objects.

Lumpkin & Associates Online provides you with general information on the content of several programs developed by Lumpkin & Associates. Use this site as a guide for selecting tools that may offer a means of obtaining your solution. Consider how each program might work within your plan and help you to achieve your goal. Lumpkin & Associates can be contacted for any additional assistance that may be needed in order to obtain your goal.

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